Discourse Surrounding Black & Mixed-race Women's Hair within American Culture
As a UC Davis undergrad, I conducted a research project on the subject matter of Black and Mixed-race women's hair in relation to American beauty standards, and how curly textured hair has been viewed and treated within American culture. My research was then presented at the 2020 Undergraduate, Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities Conference.


"Excellent presentation Chara! My 7-year-old daughter also joined in to watch this with me. Thank you for the research and perspective you provide. This is definitely one of the most professional and polished videos I have seen in the conference!"

Annaliese Franz
Chemistry Professor, Faculty Director, 
Undergraduate Research Center, UC Davis

"Chara, it is such an intriguing work! Not only does it challenge the binary category of 'good hair' and 'bad hair' in beauty standards, but also it challenges what has been often overlooked in understanding the intersectional issues of race and gender. I will be happy to share this intellectual and powerful documentary with my students in the future, as it is very educational and provocative. Thank you for your excellent work!"

Ga Young Chung
Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Davis

"Hello Chara! You have created an excellent presentation that is informative and very thoughtful! You are obviously a very gifted presenter, and I'm sure we will be seeing more of your amazing talent on our TV screens in the near future! Congratulations on a beautiful project!"

Janae Bonnell
UC Davis Student

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